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Claudie v0.8

!!! warning "Due to updating terraform files the v0.8.x clusters build with claudie version v0.7.x will be forced to be recreated.

Nodepool/cluster names that do not meet the required length of 14 characters for nodepool names and 28 characters for cluster names must be adjusted or the new length validation will fail. You can achieve a rolling update by adding new nodepools with the new names and then removing the old nodepools before updating to version 0.8.

Before updating make backups of your data"


To deploy Claudie v0.8.X, please:

  1. Download claudie.yaml from release page

  2. Verify the checksum with sha256 (optional)

We provide checksums in claudie_checksum.txt you can verify the downloaded yaml files againts the provided checksums.

  1. Install claudie using kubectl

We strongly recommend changing the default credentials for MongoDB, MinIO and DynamoDB before you deploy it.

kubectl apply -f

To further harden claudie, you may want to deploy our pre-defined network policies:

# for clusters using cilium as their CNI
kubectl apply -f
# other
kubectl apply -f



  • Allow to reapply manifest after ERROR #1337
  • Allow other usernames with root access #1335
  • Fix substring match resulting in deletion of wrong nodes #1350
  • Add spec.providers validation #1352
  • Correctly change the API endpoint #1366
  • Restrict nodepool and cluster names to 14 and 28 characters respectively, and add the ability to define and use providers in a single cluster #1348
  • Prohibit changing the cloud provider in a nodepool #1371


Nodepools with genesis cloud provider will trigger a recreation of the cluster due to the change in terraform files. Make a backup of your data if your cluster constains genesis cloud nodepools.


  • disable deploying Node Local DNS by default #1382
  • Add immutability to nodepools #1385
  • More readable validation errors #1397


  • Fix mounting volume for longhorn on genesis cloud nodepools #1389
  • Fix MountVolume.SetUp errors by updating multipath configuration #1386