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Claudie v0.1

The first official release of Claudie


To deploy the Claudie v0.1.X, please:

  1. Download the archive and checksums from the release page

  2. Verify the archive with the sha256 (optional)

    sha256sum -c --ignore-missing checksums.txt

    If valid, output is, depending on the archive downloaded

    claudie.tar.gz: OK

    or OK

    or both.

  3. Lastly, unpack the archive and deploy using kubectl

    We strongly recommend changing the default credentials for MongoDB, MinIO and DynamoDB before you deploy it. To do this, change contents of the files in mongo/secrets, minio/secrets and dynamo/secrets respectively.

    kubectl apply -k .



  • Change the workflow of the Claudie, to build the infrastructure on per cluster basis #584
  • Add labels on Claudie created resources #579


No bugfixes since the last release.

Known issues

  • k8s-sidecar sometimes misses deletion of the input manifest secret #588
  • Deleting nodes in Builder is not idempotent #587



  • Update to Go v1.20 #559
  • The VPN now respects netmask from defined CIDR #571
  • Connections attempt are more readable #570


  • Wireguard IP now persists across reboots #557
  • Deletion of the infrastructure before any outputs were created does not end with error #569
  • Replace the azurerm_virtual_machine to the azurerm_linux_virtual_machine #573

Known issues

  • Longhorn replicas are not properly managed, which might cause issues when deleting nodes #564
  • Naming scheme in input manifest is not uniform #563



  • Support DNS zone for Cloudflare, AWS, Azure, HetznerDNS, OCI #530
  • Add default node labels #543


  • Logs in all services have been modified to not output sensitive information. #535
  • Correctly update desiredState after workflow for a given manifest completes. #536

Known issues

  • Wireguard interface wg0 is missing ip address after reboot. Will be fixed in next release #557



  • Multi-cloud kubernetes cluster management
  • Multi-cloud loadbalancer management
  • Fast scale-up/scale-down of defined infrastructure
  • Persistent storage via Longhorn
  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI and Hetzner
  • GCP DNS zone support
  • Claudie deployment on amd64 and arm64 clusters


  • As this is first release there are no bugfixes

Known issues

  • iptables reset after reboot and block all traffic on OCI node #466
  • Occasional connection issues between Claudie created clusters and Claudie on Hetzner and GCP #276
  • Unable to easily recover after error #528