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Claudie v0.3

Due to a breaking change in the input manifest schema, the v0.3.x will not be backwards compatible with v0.2.x


To deploy the Claudie v0.3.X, please:

  1. Download the archive and checksums from the release page

  2. Verify the archive with the sha256 (optional)

    sha256sum -c --ignore-missing checksums.txt

    If valid, output is, depending on the archive downloaded

    claudie.tar.gz: OK

    or OK

    or both.

  3. Lastly, unpack the archive and deploy using kubectl

    We strongly recommend changing the default credentials for MongoDB, MinIO and DynamoDB before you deploy it. To do this, change contents of the files in mongo/secrets, minio/secrets and dynamo/secrets respectively.

    kubectl apply -k .



  • Use separate storage disk for longhorn #689
  • Apply proper kubernetes labels to Claudie resources #714
  • Implement clean architecture for the Frontend #701


  • Fix logging issues in Frontend #713

Known issues

  • Infrastructure might not get deleted if workflow encounters and error #712
  • Certain cluster manipulation can result in workflow failing to build the clusters #606



  • Rework logs in all microservices to enable easier filtering #742
  • Improve longhorn volume replication management #782
  • Various improvements in cluster manipulation #728
  • Removal of k8s-sidecar from Frontend #792


  • Fixed bug when infrastructure was not deleted if workflow encountered an error #773
  • Fixed error when deletion of nodes from cluster failed #728
  • Fixed bug when frontend triggered deletion of incorrect manifest #744

Known issues

  • Subnet CIDR is not carried over from temporary state in Builder #790
  • Longhorn occasionally does not detach volume from node which was deleted #784



  • Label Claudie output secrets #837
  • Use cluster name in the output kubeconfig context #830
  • Make DynamoDB job idempotent #817
  • Implement secret validation webhook #821
  • Improve Cluster Autoscaler deployment #805


  • Fixed bug when subnet CIDR is not carried over from temporary state in Builder #812

Known issues

No known issues since the last release.